May 05, 2010

Emdedding Blackbird Pie

This is my first use of the new twitter embedding media called Blackbird Pie.

+What is Black Bird Pie?
Best explained by the following excerpt from:

"So, we decided to take the janky script we’ve been using to generate static HTML tweets for posts (like the one you see here), polish it up a bit, and make it public. And if tweets really are the new quotes, this should come in handy: Blackbird Pie."

+Why use it?
Frankly the answer is exclusively based on your preference. Screen shots is what ppl traditionally use when displaying tweets on articles. Personally I am not a fan of screen shots. However (unlike applications which evolve requiring one to back track/update) screen shots, for the most part, are permanent.

+What does an embedded tweet look like?
This is what it looks like after it was Baked:

It's okay to look back and recall what not to do as opposed to fixating that it happened in the first place. #quoteless than a minute ago via web

This is what the tweet looked like before it was Baked:

+How do you use Blackbird Pie?
Once there, paste the tweet you want converted. Bake it. You will see the complete code. Copy, paste and add to your site via HTML editing. Don't feel intimidated by the code. It is a simple copy and paste. If you feel the need to change the code up a bit, it also loans itself for that too!

+How do I copy a tweet in the first place?
Click the date/time stamp on the lower portion of the tweet. After that page is open, stay on that page, scroll to url listed on your browser, copy that url.

There you have it. Don't knock it until you try it, then decide.

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armela said...

whats the use for black bird pie?

armela said...

whats the use for black bird pie?

A.C. said...

Hi Armela,

Very good question! Personally it is easy to set up on a any site,just enter the url and click. You'll find an in-dept article about the use of blackbird pie here:

Thanks for the comment.


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