October 27, 2012


A new appreciation arrived along with September. The month of many family members birthdays, also a change in season both in nature and within. Many things changed. I consciously made changes mainly to reduce, if not, elimate stress. People very close to me began making comments such as, your getting funnier in your old age. At least thats what it sounded like. Yes, I started my days with letting the funny pour right out but not too much to kiss the border line between being funny and being in the funny farm. If by chance you are not familiar with the phrase ”the funny farm” look it up but go a few pages deep. No. Not referring to a movie.

Admittedly, there have been days that the funny would not fit the bill. Serious matters over power funny hands down. Feeling the stress level creeping up while realizing I turn another year older, forced me to fiercely plant my two feet firmly in unfamiliar territory. I shifted towards myself. The time of constantly putting it all in place to make everyone happy has passed. It is time to rely on the foundation so delicately laid for them to build their own happiness. After all I won't be around forever. I will however continue to enjoy all the unexpected gifts they bring to my life in the form of run by hugs, a much welcomed cup of coffee, spontaneous duets, beautiful drawings, a tickle attack and more. Even nature joined in on the gig specifically on my birthday. There it was, a rare sighting delivered via my backyard. A double rainbow for my hearts delight.

All in all September did not disappoint, on the contrary it gave me more than I could ever ask. It gave me, me.


What I Listen to When Writing:

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