January 29, 2014

Where did the time go

I'll tell you where time went. Took a trip, had an injury, physical therapy, house full of guests over the holiday and oh yeah two teenagers but wait there's more. Pausing to take a deep breath since obviously I can't do that and type at the same time.

Here we go. Garage door broke. Repairs were reasonable. Car left me on the road due to a washer falling off. Seventy five dollars later no one can figure out how that ever happened. It was on the other side of a bolt on the alternator. How it jumped off, we'll never know. Busted air conditioner unit in the house, had to replace the entire system. It was far from reasonable repair cost. Right after that the tankless water heater stopped working. I thought I caught a break since it is still under warranty. Nope. According to the absolutely depressing repair man, a broken filter due to debris in the line is not covered. Another out of nearly empty pocket cost.

That all happened between Nov and Dec! In a way I think it was best I didn't blog for that time period.  I am sure I would have vented more than just share positive things.

As January sets to close I can look back and say that I didn't always handle everything with calm and grace. Got totally frustrated when I heard the replacement cost for the AC units plus repair of water heater. However, I came through it all ok mainly due to the support of my amazing family and friends. They may not have always said the right things but being here for me was priceless. I couldn't stand up for more than 5 minutes, drive, pick any thing up, clean nor cook. I could never thank them enough for everything. From decorating inside and out, to cooking and offering a sympathetic ear. I owe them.

Not once did I question why any of it was happening. I only wanted things to get better fast. They have. I am almost at 100 percent.

Moral of this story (at least as I see it) is that no one can predict the amount of storms that will reach you, it's what you hold on to while going through it that matters. People matter, fluctuating situations don't.



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