December 17, 2005

Pondering About Gifts.

Alot of shopping will take place this weekend and I don't know about you but some people are hard to buy gifts for. For the most part, kids will tell you what they would like however some adults leave it entirely up to you to surprise them. When you are getting that surprise or secret Santa gift do you give a pen and pencil set or a lotto ticket? It depends on your budget, taste and the other persons ability to appreciate the fact that it's not the gift that counts is the thought behind it. Think about it, do you use everything you received from everyone last year? Keep that in mind when you shopping. If the person you are buying a gift for has a sense of humor, then biographical books about comedians or a set of funny movies would do...or write a joke specially for them and present it in a nice frame...little things can go a long way. On that note, I want to thank you taking the time to think of others and for the gift of giving itself, may your holiday be filled with happiness and health!


Anonymous said...

well all the crap that i didnt use last year is getting handed to some wanker that gave me a shitty gift.... its not hard to tell who doesnt put thought into a present ....and for all the tight arses who didnt get me anything getting you the same shit this year ...

norbela said...

What, no fruitcake this year? Ah man!

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