December 18, 2005


It's Florida but it feels like a New York kind of day. It's overcast and you wanna stay in yet last minute things to get done before the football games starts in several hours. In case you didn't already know the Giant's won yesterday!!! I was hoping the Buc's would win their game too but no such thing. Can you believe the Colts??? My oldest daughter is a Jaguar fan so she's following them closely. Somehow she knows more about football than I do, don't know exactly when that took place.

Going back to snacks, some how the usual suspects appear on the tray and you'd think some variety would be in order but it wouldn't be Sunday football if too many things changed. I concluded that the reason why I like keeping things simple for football viewing is that when football season is over I miss it terribly.....okay not terribly but I miss it. Therefore, when it comes around again I look forward to enjoying it in the same fashion as always, tasty and stress free food here and there and everyone having just a good ole time. I've been having a wonderful weekend :-) and wanted to say one last thing to you, enjoy your Sunday!


Anonymous said...

hey norbella have to watch a game of Australioan rules football. No not rugby. Aussie rules ..its full on action packed and you can find it on satelletite tv maybe cable im not to sure ...lots of aussies wearing tight shorts lol ...every american i have introduced it to so far has scrapped the crap they were watching and converted lol...also its in our wintertime so you can watch it during our summer ...wont miss a thing ...

norbela said...

Sounds like something I would also enjoy. Not sure it's on regular cable, would have to go premium for that, willing to go premium though! Doubt, I'll stop watching American football been doing so since I was young girl many, many moons ago and I enjoy it immensely.

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