December 19, 2005


I had a completely different topic ready to go for today's entry yet scrapped it at last minute. I opted instead to post about something a bit more personal. I was pondering about how sometimes all you have to go by are your instincts. The times that I disregarded my instincts I paid the price, not in all cases a severe price never-the-less, I still paid the price. The moment I stopped questioning my instincts and learning to accept and appreciate them was the same moment I knew I would be okay no matter what.

There are occasions when you need to take a leap of faith while a person or people tell you one thing and your instincts tell you the same then you are on the road to something extraordinary however if the opposite is true then another lesson learned will be the result.

It took me a while to figure out how to tune out the noise of all that happens around me and to pay attention to what's inside of me. That was no easy accomplishment because there is so much activity here for the most part quiet doesn't happen by itself it has to be managed.

In case you are wondering how it's all going so far, it's one day at a time and so far it's all been good. For what it's worth that is what I had to say today. Hope you made it through the weekend with out harm and thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Instinct is something i learned a long time ago. It comes with some of the martial arts training and the rest just being involved in varied things. I tell people even today, If you have to take a shot at something, Instinct is the only guide you will have. To this point I have been using my instinct a lot of late and have no regrets. Seems to ne that if you use it right it can get you a lot further than you think. If broken down so the simple people can understand it .... its the same as when you are playing pool.... you choose each shot carefully ..but then you get to the eight ball line it up and you know its going to go in you slam it hesitation ....instinct ... we are creatures of habit. Once you get rid of the habit ..the instinct will kick back in to a degree. One of those things you have to play with to get to know ..just like a best friend. addy

norbela said...

addy, so true we are all certainly creatures of habit, we do what feels right, what feels comfortable or we don't do it at all for the most part.

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