December 29, 2005

Time for new links

Every so often I update my Favorite Links section. I am proud to formerly announce Riley Studios, and Studio Inc. Night Club as my three new favorite sites. All three sites are unique in nature in that they offer well designed products, services or information.

Created: Reference Alley

Added: Energy Prices and Trends url to Travel/Energy.

Updated: Report gas gouging link in Travel/Energy.

Coming soon: Featuring Products on the side bar! Will have 2 products featured on the side bar every month. It may be from the same shop or different shops however they will also be available for purchase via Shops and Affiliates at any time.

Also coming soon (as in a few hours) Spanish Alley will be located an International section (also being added in a few hours) Lastly, I will be moving Political Fact Check and Question/Reply Search Engines links from my Favorite Links and place them in the Reference Alley since they seem to make a better fit there.


What I Listen to When Writing:

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