December 31, 2005

2006 Challenge, New Year Links, Parrandas etc...

The first portion is my post is about looking forward to 2006 or should I say I am making several challenges for 2006. The bottom portion will link you to New Year's Eve videos, venues around the world, to Auld Lang Syne lyrics and midi and Spanish Parrandas. Enjoy!
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Dec 31, 2005 has finally arrived. Albeit it arrived with out any fanfare yet that will not be the case at midnight. I'll spare you the enumeration of things that occurred in my life this past year and there is no need to thank me either. Most of it paled in comparison to all the events that took place this year including what nature bestowed upon the world. Like anything else we tend to forget as the images fade from our tv or our minds. So much has happened and it has felt awful to feel so helpless. At some point you stop asking yourself why these things all took place and try to have a positive outlook for the future and deep inside you doubt it will get better. Despite it, things will get better because a nation that experieces such devastation and loss in time can only become stronger in their resolve to make things better for themselves. Therefore today a I am placing several challenges and they are the following:

-I challenge every person who is contemplating starting a new business to forge ahead.
-I challenge you, yes you, the one that has the power to decide where your company's operations should be located to remember that we still have highly qualified people eager to show you what they can do if only you keep the jobs here in the U.S.!
-I challenge those who are hell bent on increasing their profit margin's while crushing a few carriers along the way to brainstorm and come up with real business solutions not business as usual solutions.
-I challenge those who love to teach, and are qualified to do so, to give private lessons and market yourself in creative ways, get noticed. Start your own group of out-of-work teachers for hire.
-I challenge philanthropists to create a new scholarships for those that may not qualify for any other scholarship.
-I challenge you to throw out old methods that have not worked for you and try something different (legal of course) because if you want different results you have to try different methods.
-I challenge you to forgive someone who did something out of character solely because they were vunerble and you learned about it yet have you bothered to get their side of the story?
-I challenge the parents of the many bullies in schools to wake up and take notice when the principle tells you that your kid has been picking on other kids. Talk to your kids about what this world will eventually do to them if they don't change their behavior. Can you imagine how they are going to treat you when you get old? Good luck on that!
-I challenge those who think they are too good to get involved with less than glamorous causes, get involved people need your help.
-I challenge the stalkers to go stalk yourself and get help or simply disappear.
I hope you are all up for the challenge. I have also given myself a challenge for 2006 and that is stress less, be whole lot more understanding and eat more chocolate!
Circumstances may play havoc with our pride yet we know better therefore we do better. Tonight while outside/across the street ringing in the new year with new and old neighbors, I will not only ring the new year with noise, laughter and joy, I will aslo ring it in by saying a prayer for all in the world to be better off than they were this year.

May 2006 bring you peace, health and
prosperity and in all aspects of your life this New Year and always.
~ Happy New Year ~

~MSN Online Video Broadcast of New Yorks Time Square New Year Eve 2005 Celebration starting at 6pm EST until 12:15am EST:
~New Year's Song Lyrics - Auld Lang Syne from
~New Year's Song Midi - Auld Lang Syne from

~MSN City Guide New Year's Eve Planner:
~New Year's Eve in London:
~Sidney New Years Eve 2005
~Times Square Alliance - New Year's Eve History:
Parranda's Videos!!! Gracias Wanda!
Cortesia De El Periodico El Nuevo Dia:
Felicidades mi gente!


Yara said...

Hey Abby,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May the new year 2006 bring you lots of love, health, wealth and success! I hope you had fun last night cause we SO did! Diana and David made it just in time before the count down; they got lost, LOL! Anyway, enjoy yourself and take it easy. We'll have to get together soon. Take care.


norbela said...

Hi Yara, Happy New Year! Glad you guys had a blast. I knew they were going to get lost! Hope you took pictures, will be emailing you the ones from the Christmas lunch in a little while.
Thanks, yes I most certainly did have fun!


Anonymous said...

hey norbey ....Happy New Year .... I wish you everything goo that you deserve ... and I loved the challenges ...I have set a few of my own ... To become more work orientated... To have more patience with Inbreds masturbate less ... and to download more prorn the masturbation thing may be a little bit more difficult lol ....seriously ..they are great challenges and I hope I can accomplish some of what you have said as well as the real ones I have set for myself ...addy

norbela said...

Happy New Year Addy and Mrs. Addy!

Thanks, glad you liked the challenges. Yes, so far I already started on mine....caught myself stressing, went for a walk and now the stress is gone. Hope you accomplish all your goals too!

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