December 22, 2005

Transportation Strike

I read online somewhere that the word "desserts" is "stressed" spelled backworks, funny how you don't think about things like that until someone point it's out.

Speaking of stressed, my heart goes out to all New Yorkers who have been impacted by the transportation strike. You want the workers to review and agree on a fair contract, you want the employers to step up to the plate and get this done. The city lives on despite the issues yet it makes you wonder who cares the most about resolving this. Stop saying it and just get it done!

To all who thought that this strike would break New York, you buffoons, not one person is capable of destroying the heart of this city and it's people...they have taken everything that has come their way and still rise above.

Here's a call to patronize your favorite restaurants and shops tonight & tomorrow show them your support, let them know that you have a say in making sure they stay in business.

Merry Christmas New York!


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