December 21, 2005


Words can be so moving in so many different ways so since I can not sing the next best thing was to write songs. Old or new songs, the thrill is experiencing them, appreciating them and sharing them. That one very special song is just like a friend, once you get to know it, it never leaves your heart just as friends near or far never leaves your heart either. A song can also make you drown the pain that some one as recent as yesterday caused you. Why?


Anonymous said...

someone as recent as yesterday caused you sorrow ??? gimme the motherfuckers name ... i hope your day today is going better than yesterday .... i keep missing you in the forums so cant catch up ..... but my thoughts are with you and hope everything turns out for the best .... luv ya girl ..addy

norbela said...

addy, sweet of you to ask however the individual is not worth a minute of your time or mine for that matter besides...I have big brothers too and my ex-military pals and my godfather's and....
we'll catch up eventually.

Pondering Pig said...

Hi, My daughter and I have put together a little act for old folk's homes around these parts. She plays fiddle I play guitar and sing. It's such fun mining the songs from my own childhood - stuff from the Thirties and Forties I haven't thought of in years. You're right - they bring back sweet memories of my own childhood and safe home even whle we are bringing delight to the elderly folks. Hooray for the old songs.

norbela said...

Hi Old Walrus, thanks for sharing that today and for sharing your love of music with your daughter, pretty sure the folks love hearing those oldies!!!

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