January 24, 2006


It is gently raining. Not much traffic, it is quiet here today. Trying to rest my arm a bit so am not writing too much. I've been visiting some of the links here and have updated a few and will get to the rest as soon as possible. Besides what I was going to post today was not even worth the time. I was wondering there are so many failing companies yet the CEO's (not referring to anyone specific so relax) earn the ludicrously high salaries. I recall the days of performance reviews and regardless if you out worked your peers your bonus or salary increase was a joke by any standards. Don't give me the salary is based on the responsibilities and challenges, you make the rules, change them. What is wrong is wrong no matter how you try to color coat it. I wonder what Corporate America is going to do when in a few years the next big thing comes around and every one starts to bail out on them. Technology has a few surprises in store. So much for not ranting.

Hope you are enjoying your day!


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