January 05, 2006

Waves of Emotions

I was not to happy with how it this article was turning out. While trying to write about how i feel about the beach the more frustrated I became, talk about waves of emotion! As you can see, I decided to stick with it. Hope you like the results.

One of my favorite places on the planet is the beach. A few that brings back fond memories are a secluded one in St. John Virgin Islands, the beach at Magen's Bay in St. Thomas and the lesser known little Magen's Bay but you didn't hear it from me. :-) From parties to fishing and swimming of course the beach offers a variety of outlets. It's the same as in life however life offers broader outlets and with each we only go as far as we feel comfortable with. The beach is like an old, somewhat unpredictable, strong and myterious friend to me. It has been in my life as far back as I can recall and throughout my life the beach is also where I have laughed, cried or simply sat to watch the sunset and a few times watch the sunrise.

Despite the activity or how many people are at the beach or what part of the world the beach is located, one thing is constant and that is the waves. The waves may be strong and pound the shore or they may break up and slowly reach the shore and leave behind little traces of themselves as another waves washes over the same location as the previous. Throughout this cycle the beach still remains as beautiful as ever. You observe the waves coming towards the shore yet you are not sure how cold or warm the water maybe, therefore you approach it slowly letting one foot or both touch the water. You instantly make the decision to either jump in or back away. Let's say you just walk a little bit at the time, letting the water engulf you slowly and letting your body adjust to it's temperature. Eventually the water reaches your chest and suddenly you realize it feels a thousand times better than when you first came in contact with it and you say to yourself that you are happy you took that first step. Interesting how life is exactly the same way.


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