January 18, 2006

Where is your heart?

Are there any excuses for the reason why there has not been a outrage in Vermont for the crimes committed against 10 year old little girl? Not only was she raped repeatedly during several years, now she is being raped by her own town and rest of the world who does not even speak out on her behalf!

Judge Cashman must have his closet lined with secrets why else would he give her rapist a 60 day sentence? His so called desire to rehabilitate these degenerates is a misguided one, help the children first you one dimensional sighted man! You are promoting the sick behavior with your attempts to help out the criminals after the fact. All you are doing is hurting the children. Put the children first, focus on their needs, do your job, protect them. If we ensure they grow up with compassion, love and security chances are they'll grow up healthy not lost and messed up as those people who have committed these crimes against them.

If this case does not outrage you to take action then I ask, where is your heart, do you even have one? Why do you think it is okay to say or do nothing about this? Is this nations hypocrisy become our new image? You exert more energy on debating whether to go out for dinner or order in than you do actually making a significant impact on a persons life!

Quoting from an
article that Wendy Murphy of the wrote, "Cashman will not step down unless the people rise up. If Vermont's children continue to be brutalized, it will not be Cashman's fault alone - it will also be the fault of people who don't care enough to do something about a judge who put targets on the backs of all children."

Ms. Murphy contained her rage but the message still came through loud and clear.

I am taking the liberty or should I say full advantage of freedom of speech so here is goes: To Judge Assman I meant, Judge Cashman and the many reporters who wrote articles in your support, do you care more for a dog's right than they do about a children's rights, you sick and mindless cowards. Yes I resort to insults and if you are offended think how many times that poor child was offended throughout the last several years and times that by 1000 and then tell me how offended you feel!

Okay so I am not perfect but at least I am speaking up!

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