February 26, 2006


3Day Walk: After a closer look at the next few months, I decided not to do the 3Day, 60 mile Walk in October that I had written about in an earlier post. Too many things happening-things that can not be postponed, will interfere with training and fundraising activities.

Blogs: I also decided to remove several blogs from the Blogs Visited section as they had no any activity in the past 3 months. I'll check them ever so often if they are updated I'll add them back. If you haven't stopped by there, let me take this moment to invite you to stop by. The blogs vary widely, so keep an open mind, peruse them and I am pretty sure you'll find either something you'll like or hate. I considered featuring one blog every month but the problem with that is I like too many and to pick just one...I'll get back to you on that.

Reference Section: The ref. section needed updating therefore I added more search engines and other useful links suck as the link to the World Wide Web Consortium.

Sidebar: I replaced the calendars on the side bars with a couple of t-shirts from my shops and I made sure the links were active, tyvm.

So there you have it, those are a few things I have been working on. Btw, I did not forget about picture day this past Friday. The camera decided to take a ride in someone's briefcase and I located it much later. It would have been nice I had a little bit of notice yet I guess those things happen. Am I going to need to put a GPS on that too? lol

OMG, I almost forgot to send a thank you to H.R. for the fruits! Hope you are settling in your new place and am looking forward to the house warming party. Just give me a little more notice instead of the day before, you party animal!

Thanks for stopping by and I will be back tomorrow with a few quotes if all goes well.




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