February 26, 2006


To rise and fall with each whirlwind, will tire even the most rested one of us all. Does the air stop being air despite how hot or cold it is? No, it is what it is. Does the sun stop being the sun, whether it can be seen it or not? No, it is what it is. Does the land stop being land despite the size of it's crop or lack thereof? No, it is what it is. Nature teaches many lessons yet at times we fail to see them. Let the whirlwind take it's course, for it too, is what it is. Let us resolve to remain firmly grounded and we will prevail, for we are what we are despite the whirlwinds.

It's a strain to stay strong. Why won't life let me turn my back on myself? Why does it keep sending me these lessons which I can not out-run? Why this burden? Why this gift? Funny how my own words came back to bite me, you are what you are. Well, I have an idea but when I am fully aware of what that is, I'll get back to you, unless I am in the middle of another whirlwind!



What I Listen to When Writing:

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