February 05, 2006


Feb. 5, 2006

I tend not to post an article on Sundays and am making an exception today. Not sure what was going on with this service yesterday. I finally posted in my Audio blog but was not able to preview the site nor this one. Then Saturday's post disappeared from here so I had to re-submit it. Well, I'll keep a closer eye on this to see if it was a fluke or something else.

Yup, it is Super XL Sunday today and you know where I will be. Not as excited as I thought I would be, then again I haven't mastered the let down of another season ending. When are endings pleasant? Possibly when you are on the originating side not the receiving one.

This morning it's another chilly morning. No matter how well the heater is working and how cozy it maybe in here, I do not feel warm until I put on a pair of soft socks. Okay, I know that's not news worthy nor enriching in anyway yet there is a point. Sometimes we are missing that one thing that makes it all feel better, legal of course, that one thing that at the exact moment it's achieved, we feel at ease. Hopefully you will be able to obtain that today if not soon, that is what I wish for you.

Have a relaxing day!

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