February 02, 2006

Thursday-Feb 2, 06

There was broken link in one of the blogs in the Blogs Visited section and I fixed it yesterday. While there, I also added a new technology blog. The new technology blog has vast interesting articles to peruse, I enjoyed my time there and I suspect you will too.

Was out and about most of the morning thus for the early afternoon post entry. I am working on my first Spanish article for this blog which will also have a main link in the Spanish Alley. I plan on publishing one Spanish article a week. Within those articles I may also feature the new Spanish shop designs. In the meantime, the first two Spanish lines can be previewed by visiting La Paz para Nuestro Pais also available in Bumper Sticker and the Class of 2006/Clase de 2006 lines are currently in the actions legacy shop in My Links. One of my goals is to launch my Spanish shop by the end of this month.

Hope you are enjoying your Thursday. Thanks for stopping in.



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