February 01, 2006

What's New Wednesday?

The lasted email hoax appears to be the cell phone listings and the do not call registry. You'll be able to access those pages via the Reference section. I've also added financial news and health news links. Some of the links in the reference section may also have appeared on previous articles. The idea is to place a copy of these links in one of the side bar sections to avoid you from having to search the archives for them.

FYI, I will be making some changes to the Blogs Visited section. I will be deleting the blogs that have not had an article posted within the last 6 months. It's not something I casually decided since I enjoy reading those blogs yet I am an not sure if they will ever be posted in again.

What else is new today? Let's see, the "tantrum" article I was writing has now been deleted by yours truly. It started off by pondering why some adults think it is okay for them to throw tantrums but not okay for others to throw one back at them. This was in reference to RL incident that occurred recently but I had to delete it because it turned into a comedy of sorts and in the end the point I was trying to make was lost. Who knows, I might revive it again at a later date.

Pondering led me here...



What I Listen to When Writing:

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