March 18, 2006

Input 4 2day!

Well you made it! For those of you with a hangover from all the drinking you did last night, my advice is it to drink plenty of water. It will hydrate you and that headache will go away faster. If you want to drink coffee instead, it'll take for your headache longer to go away in case you didn't already know. You want to learn more? Then here's what has to say about hangover remedies.

I woke up wired! I wonder why? Hmmmm... Okay, one of the items on my agenda today is to do a full workout routine. The last time I worked out for an hour was before I was hit with the flu and I biked 7 miles then and am hoping to pick up where I left off. Wish me success, will ya!

Usually thirty minutes into the workout the thought begins to cross my mind about cutting it short and before I even notice I am forty five minutes into it. When I don't go out cycling, I use the stationary bike for thirty minutes or seven miles, which ever comes first. Then I lift small weights and after that I do about 20 minutes of pilates. Yup, there I am on the floor with my blue mat, cursing every leg lift then catching a glimpse of my tone legs and smiling. I wish more people would like more about themselves then they do! I recall a meeting with someone in the modeling industry. She was having a down moment and was beating herself up over the size of her head. She was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't agree with her at all. Eventually, I told her that if her head was any smaller it would look completely out of proportion with the rest of her body due to her height! Legs that went on for a mile! She smiled and that was a smile I will never forget.

We all have something we are not crazy about, it all depends on how we look at the rest of ourselves since we are comprised of more than just ONE part or thing. The last time I caught myself complaining about my body, there was that faithful and nagging inner voice telling me to shut up and do something about it if I could and if I couldn't then learn to love it! That is why I work out! Now the key is to stick with my workout routine and ride those
endorphins all day or as long as possible!

Whether it's yoga, dancing, lifting weights, cycling, walking, hiking or what ever it may be, find what gives you that release and that high will help you handle the stress of the rest of the day a heck of alot better. That's my input for today. :-)

Have a fabulous Saturday!


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