March 17, 2006

Early Start

I figure I'd get a head start on my blog this morning. I should be sleeping being that is it almost 1am! I'll get to it soon enough.

It turned out to be a pretty decent day, well at least here it was. I was trying to stay away from the news, simply was not in the mood to hear all that was going on in the world today. I used to watch the news right before I went to bed and then have the worst dreams and would wake up with a raunchy attitude. Eventually I stopped watching the news all together! It felt good. Then I would go online and there it would be, the headlines of that days latest tragedies. I was online when I first heard that Lady Diana was in the car accident. I remember logging off and turning on the tv and watching the news the entire evening. The next day, it all seemed surreal until I picked up the paper and saw the headlines. Seeing it announced in black and white made it real. That was the first and last time I stayed up all night watching the news. During hurricane season the kids start to stress if they see the constant updates of the bad weather so I cut down on viewing time when they are around.

Growing up I paid little attention to the news, then I immersed myself in it and now I am approaching it a little at the time. It's like anything else, it has it cycles. With the exception of chocolate, that has always remained constant, it's all good. Now if I can only get chocolate related news 24-7 that would be great, better yet and I'd rather have endless supply of chocolate and forget the news!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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