March 16, 2006

Never still

As you may have noticed I did some work on the blog. I removed the rose from the front page & removed buttons from the side bar. I've updated some links including reference, blogs visited & blog emporium. If there was a link you accessed via the side bar and is no longer there, most likely it is now in my favorite links or in reference.

Why do I change the blog appearance ever so often? My eyes do grow tired of seeing the same thing over and over and over therefore sometimes a small change here and there is always a good thing. I like to keep it as simple as possible and when one gets so involved with adding more then things get carried away and it is no longer simple nor easy to navigate. Fascinating how that applies to things in RL too! Yes, I am the type that will rearrange the living room furniture ever so often though not as much as I used to. I happen to like how the sofas are placed at the moment so they will stay there for a while. This most recent move was based on needing a place to put my stemware and was looking into purchase a China or Buffet cabinet when I looked at the entertainment center in the living room and realized I already had the perfect piece. The entertainment center is made up of three pieces, that appear to be 5 separate pieces. The large one in the middle and the two side pieces all have lights on the top shelves. So I emptied the side cabinets, dragged them over the dining room and filled it up with the glasses etc that were stuffed in the kitchen cabinets. The living room and dining room now feel balanced and the traffic flows better since the sofa's have more leg room around them. The kids get a kick when they walk in and see some of the changes and they will be the first to tell you whether they like it or not so far they like everything I have done to the place. I am trying to down size, even sold my bedroom dresser and replaced it with a smaller unit that fits just nicely in my closet! I placed a small radio on top of the dresser and a lamp so when I am getting dressed I can listen to music at the same time. Truly, it is the little things that you can do for yourself that at times can made a dreary day go away!!! There are days when nothing works not even music yet for the most part music has always worked it's magic. I used to say that things and people were going to drive me to drinking and they have. I have been drinking water like crazy, lol. My hair is long, not just because I haven't cut it in a while but because I pull it so much, lol..not true either. Well if I can still laugh at myself then I'm alright, for now.

Up and about I shall be, whether moving furniture or who knows what else and if I can manage to smile or laugh throughout then this world has not gotten the best of me! Maybe I should dance to that shortly!



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