March 14, 2006


Another late entry that could not have been avoided. Had a nice article ready to go and ran spell check and wham, lost the whole thing. No problem I started from scratch yet I was working off line to avoid the same problem and I had to step away from the computer and someone here restarted it and guess what, I lost the second one I was working on. So I figured there was a reason (more like two of them) for that article not to become published. That is the reason why you are reading this instead!

It's 9:32 in the evening, there's an absolutely beautiful moon tonight peering through the clouds. It reminds me of the first time I ever slept under the full moon in an open field. We were on a military drill and the weather was perfect. That first evening some slept on the rear of the two and a half ton trucks others on their cots under some trees and some slept in their tents. I had my sleeping bag and a blanket and was out in the field, I believe there were at least three of us out there. It took me forever to fall asleep, we talked while gazing at the stars and the moon.

The next morning I woke up feeling great! We had a long day ahead of us and we weren't returning to that spot. We would travel almost a full day and that night we ended up sleeping in an old empty warehouse and by then I was too tired to do anything thing other than hit the sack. The stiff green cot I slepted on was near one of the dock doors so I managed to still catch a view of the moon and fell fast asleep very quickly. By the time I returned home that weekend, I was worn out from 3 days straight of traveling and working stopping only to catch a quick bite and a few hours of snooze time. The one thing that made it all worth it was being able to enjoy the show that nature displayed for us that weekend.

Just as I did that weekend, I am going to enjoy the serene view tonight. This time it will be from my living room where the tall window provides an un-obstructed view of the moon and it's beauty. Thoughts will travel, I'm sure.

Hope you take a moment to enjoy the full moon too!


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