March 30, 2006

It's time

This evening I was blog surfing and ran into a bunch of new interesting blogs. The common thread they all had was most were new blogs, I would say about a month or two in existence. For the most part they varied widely in range of topics yet they began with almost identical lines ".....well this is my first blog and...." What grabbed me about that is at one specific point we all think of the same words in the same order and then after that nothing resembles anything else. I wouldn't call it a lack of originality, the observation was merely a study in human nature. We announce, introduce and present with precise wording what our intentions are or the point we're trying to get across yet we sometimes do not carry that into our Real Lives. No, we need to complicate things by purposely avoiding the issues and leaving things unresolved. Is that human nature manifesting itself via self preservation tactics or is it purely a lack of desire address certain issues? Either way nothing is resolved, well not to our satisfaction. Which then makes me wonder if it was intended to be resolved in the first place. Time will prove that one way or the other, do we have what it takes to find out? We should already know the answer to that by now. Denial isn't so convenient when it begins to pile up and the mess you have left can't be cleaned up with the largest of shovels! What are we experts at if not of our own idiosyncrasies? The fact is that certain truths can not be ignored forever. That however, doesn't stop us from putting things off because it is easier to avoid it then to address it. Is it pain, that we wish to avoid? We often hurt deeper than anyone could ever know in order to avoid hurting others in the long run. The problem with that is that eventually the pain we wished to avoid only compounds until it is unbearable then what do we do? Hopefully deal with it before it consumes us. If I often state that we are much stronger than what we give ourselves credit, it's only because we are! It's time to be kind and for us to forgive ourselves for what we may have put ourselves and others through. I pray that we manage to find the strength and courage to handle such delicate issues. A friendly reminder that delicate issues require delicate handling not creative avoidance. I believe we can graciously care for ourselves enough to invest the time to do what is right for our own lives if not what good are we to the rest of the people we care about. Firmly decided to love yourself with as much intensity and purpose as you love those around you, want the best for yourself as you would wish it for them too but above all give yourself permission to move past the hurt, past the tears, past the silence and do what you've concluded is the right thing to do. Believe it or not no matter where you are, love will always carry you when you can't carry yourself any longer. The love of family, friends, and that higher power if you believe in it, you have it even if you don't feel like you do, it's there.

Now it is officially time for me to leave.


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