March 10, 2006


Why do we find it easier to keep the promises we make to others but not the ones we make to ourselves? Are we less important? No! We simply take the liberty of telling ourselves that, "It's okay, I'll get around to it eventually." I found it better to replace that thought with this one, "No one can take care of you better than yourself, you know what you need don't waste time, get to it." Next step is to then factor in RL with all of it's complications and adjust as the unpredictable sequence of events unfold. Again, it may sound as a selfish point of view to think of oneself only and it can be. No doubt there is a delicate balance to be dealt with there. I go back to the principal concern that if something inside of you has been put off, you will carry that with you and it will eventually come out and chances are it will do so at the wrong place and the wrong time. I am not able to promise that exploring this part of ones character will be a pleasant journey yet I can positively state it's worth the trip.

Happy Friday!



What I Listen to When Writing:

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