March 11, 2006

Taking it easy today

After many restless nights, you would be happy to hear that I managed to get a full nights sleep last night and woke up refreshed and with an appetite! I had nothing scheduled to do today yet after waking up with an unexpected surge of energy, I decided to tackle a bunch of things. So I began to work when I realized that I shouldn't do anything at all!!! My concern is making sure that I avoid doing what I always do when I am starting to feel better, work, work and more work then become so weak that is takes me forever to fully recover. A relapse right now would set me back even further. I promised myself I was going to take better care of this 40yr young packaging and I intend to keep my promise. Wishing to do something and purposely making it happen are two different things. Therefore, in keeping with my goal to not over exert myself today, the rest of my day looks something like this: listening to music, go online, at some point sit out back and sip on a glass of cold water, and go for a walk. I had planned on going alone yet the posse decided they want to come along, so much for a quiet walk, lol. I'll do my best to enjoy this time since I know around the corner work awaits as it always does. Let's hope that the only decision I have to deal with today is deciding which cd to put on the player next.

Hope you also have a chance to relax and have an enjoyable time today!



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