April 11, 2006


How to explain what occurs at the very moment when the long hidden truth about something painful is suddenly crystal clear? Almost immediately one doesn't want accept this new reality. How to digest or what to do with this newly acquired knowledge? We unsuccessfully look for clues to corroborate what we believed was real at the time. The end result depends on where we feel more comfortable at, do we refuse or accept this new enlightenment? On the other hand, the challenge may not be about how to handle this news instead it could be on how not to fall in the same situation in the future? Ah, the many times we want to stop it from creeping in, just keep time standing still, sadly the future does not lend itself to such manipulation.

It has been a long hard morning and most of what happened ended in a place where I had to face certain truths as they were suddenly glaring at me in the face and that is one the things that gave life to this article.

Even a rock breaks if hit with the right tool, the amount of damage depends on the force it was hit with. Whether shattered or chunks still held together by a hairline, one can shatter no further and the other is sensitive to the slightest motion, the truth is that this also applies to broken hearts.


What I Listen to When Writing:

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