April 10, 2006

This morning's adventure

Wheeeew...made it through another (explicative left out on purpose) weekend!!! Did some spring cleaning and some painting. I was going to give you details of how the weekend transpired yet something else is going to take it's place. This morning I began this article, only managed to write one line and had to save it as a draft because I was needed elsewhere. No problem, I thought, until I could not get back in the house because I had locked myself out and was confined to the garage.

"Oh well" was my first reaction. From there I went into, "Okay, this has happened once before and I managed to get in." So off I went to locate the one thing that could help me get in. No, it was not the key. I've been meaning to make a copy and hide in the garage somewhere yet knowing me I would eventually forget where I hid it. I unfolded one of the chairs and sat very confidently working on the lock and thinking "it's a small bump on my day, it's a piece of cake nothing to worry about."

Several hours later there I was, still in the garage. Clearly what I was doing was not working. I was busy thinking of all I needed to get done while still trying the same thing to get the door open. I tossed that whole plan out and formulated another one which finally worked and I have been inside the house for about a half and hour now. Of all the thoughts that ran through my mind was that I was not going to be able to recuperate the time I spent trying to get in, the time had been consumed, it had past. I had to come up with a new plan of action so I can accomplish all I had intended before I locked myself out. I opted to take care of the more crucial thing like eating something before I pass out and pace myself with the rest. There was no point in beating myself up for the lost time, despite the fact that I was not even sure that I was the one who locked the door, I thought someone else did on their way out while I was outside.

For a while there I was beginning to think I would have to spend the day in the garage. Just for those few moments I began to think of what I could organize or even make while out there. It seems like one is on automatic pilot going from one situation to the other without stopping to take a minute, pause and step back to take a look at what is right there. I have to stop talking myself into constant work, change my "what am I going to do next" mind frame and just be content with where I am at the present moment or that too will slip by and I will not be able to appreciate my current situation because I was too busy worrying about later. I believe that is referred to as seizing the moment. A nice thought yet not so easy to do when a vast number of thoughts and feeling are tossed in the mix.

I tried to relax to no avail. Then a funny thought came to mind. I would laugh my head off If there is an extra key out there and found it at a later date. Being stuck in the garage reminded me that things happen and no need to go around trying to blame someone because most likely they will not even admit to it and worse another argument comes from it. That was something I should have remembered earlier during the weekend and I am sure I would have had a more pleasant time.

That was my adventurous morning thus far...going to grab a bite to eat and hopefully that will go smoothly, lol.


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