April 29, 2006

Here we go!

I don't really care if you saw this coming or not. I have to say this and am only going to say it once. What on earth would possess anyone to want to have a Spanish version of the U. S. National Anthem???????????????????

Really, I wonder and have to strongly ask WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? So what if I may have the ability to read, write and speak two and close to three different languages yet I would not want, expect or demand those countries to have a anthem in my language!!! Not everything that is suggested by one culture is right for another.

Please, wake up and realize that if you move to a land that speaks a different language than yours then it is your responsibility to learn the ways of that land or don't bother with it at all, yet demanding or even expecting an anthem in your language while that foreign soil you are standing on already has it's own anthem is simply an unrealistic and purely selfish request. So if I move to Italy, I should write a Spanish version of their anthem right? No, I'll learn theirs and move on with my life!

Personally, I do not agree with many of the laws and things this land has to offer as they are mainly designed to serve only a few not the majority. If you ever bothered to take notice you would see that a criminal has more rights than the people they victimized.

Okay getting back OT (On Topic) ...I can see how some may feel it would be a step towards bridging the gap between the US and those who speak Spanish but it is not a good idea and not just because I say it. It's because this land and it's founding principles should not adjust to each culture that resides in it, it can make better comprehensive universal HUMAN RACE laws yet adjusting to one race in particular would make this a for sale Nation based on who can influence or sway it the most. I for one, do not want the United States to be turned exclusively into the Hispanic, Asian, Greek, Russian, German etc States, this is United States the last time I checked or have I drank myself into oblivion and lost all my senses? Don't bother answering that.

One of the things that allows me to speak my mind is not only that I am living in the land of the so called free but because I speak what many dare not voice for fear of falling on some gov. list. Well too bad for me, I am already on it and would love to share my file with you as soon as I can get my hands on it. Let's speculate shall we about the contents of that file.

Name: Mainly uses alias'
Citizen: Yes
Arrests: None but almost once (when I was just turned 13yrs old) in PR airport for being on the roof without permission watching planes take off. It was a passtime.
Participation in Rallies: None that I can recall, lol.
Traffic/Moving Violations: None, Ever!
Association with known criminals: None at least none that I know of...
Threat: Yes, I'll burn the rice if I take my eyes off it for 1 second.
Prior Military Service: Yes and you'll never guess what my specialty was, lol.
Married: Yes 2 decades and shoveling, I mean and counting.
Community Involvement: Yes, wanna come over and see the play ground I helped build?

Why am I bothering with all this? I was once investigated and it was prompted by someone who has very deep connections and I came out smelling like a rose and to this day I enjoy dredging that up. Was I upset, you bet I was until I found out that it was the doing of a sad, lonely, insecure and stupid person who believed I was someone they feared. Then I calmed down and felt sorry for that person. Despite that and many other unpleasant experiences I do not hate this land, I don't love it either. My dark brown hair may not open doors or hearts here and that's something I understand and have worked around and has not stopped me even if I don't agree with it.

Now that I am off my soap box
a huge thank you to S, M, R, & F for tonight, I had a great time! Glad we managed to uncork that bottle, lol!




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