April 29, 2006


There are days when there is so much running around in your head and you really can't settle on one thing to post or write about. Well today is surely one of those flurry days. I have subjects that have been waiting to get out but I have put them off and as some people would say, I am editing myself again! I haven't written about them because some of them are just a few things I have to resolve in private and others are in the pissed me off category or the I can't believe the nerve of people category, never the less what ever they may be about obviously I am not getting them out of my head and placed here. That will be forth coming as I need to make room up there for more thoughts lol....

The Spanish Sister Site,
is coming along nicely after some tweaking yet there is only so many hours that I am willing to spend working with html, OMG I am even seeing codes in my dreams.

I removed the International link from the side bar because it was corrupted, now who could have gone and done that, my poor innocent little international page was corrupted...blame a missing tag I'm sure. I haven't looked into it yet I'll get around to it before the weekend is over.

So far, I have yet to have a cup of coffee yet I am wired this morning, btw did I mention I've been trying to give up coffee for quite some time now then I jump back in fall in love with it again then want to trun my back on it, well it's clear who is winning that one.

Catch you later,


What I Listen to When Writing:

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