April 28, 2006

PR Grita March Censored!

Yes, the march was censored on the net. The links that I had found which were local TV stations broadcasting live from PR were doing just fine then all went offline at the time of the start of the march. Even sites that contained links to the the tv stations were also "changed" to only reflect one tv station which did not have one word to say about the march. I know why they did this but it is still wrong. PR makes lots of money from tourism and they do not want to lose those dollars why broadcasting a peaceful massive island wide march. They think they can not afford to scare away those tourists dollars. They really do not have anything else to support the island with so they censored the march on many levels, internet radio and live stream included.

I am so not happy either with the Hispanic Channels that broadcast via cable-tv. NONE of them had the nerve to show a thing, not even one word, about this march. If the world media does not care why should the people running PR care? They do! This is why they are marching so they can urge those who they elected to office to DO THEIR WORK and agree and pass a budget!

So on that note the following links contain news results of what is really going on in PR. Let's see if PR also tries to block out Google from their servers, pretty sure Google will not take that lying down.

Google News Results for Puerto Rico: English

Google News Results for Puerto Rico:
Spanish FYI: If you do not have your Google Languase set to Spanish then the Spanish news articles will not populate therefore here are the top ten urls results instead:










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