July 08, 2006

Family, friends and me.

Here I am finding myself holding back again...there is so much I want to get out..maybe someday I just won't care and let it all out and let the chips fall where they may.

So much has taken place in the last two weeks. I'll start with J & E's wedding. It was perfect! It was most certainly an enchanted evening. I smiled, laughed and cried. I became emotional when I saw J. arm and arm with her dad walking down the isle. She has grown to become such a lovely young woman. We danced, we ate, we drank and a few of us stayed up until 4:30 the next morning.

Dad is still nursing the nastiest cold he has ever had and to hear him over the phone makes you aware that he is not the Superman you always thought he was. I've been urging him to get to the doctor but he won't go...sounds familiar??? My brother almost lost one of his legs in a car accident. Thankfully with therapy it should be okay in a few months. One of the girls has to see a neurologist on Thursday and I am staying positive! That is the update on the family front.

How am I doing? Have a million thoughts running through my head. I want to reach out and grab someone one who needs the worlds biggest hug but I can't fit my hands through the monitor. How do you let someone know that you are thinking about them and wish them well when there has been no contact in quite some time? I do have questions and I know they will not be answered. I have to respect those choices and somehow resolve it within. Am going to log out, getting a bit emotional here and am going to try to get a message out and pray it reaches it's destination. My thought's are with you always,


What I Listen to When Writing:

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