July 09, 2006

...sunday night stuff

Wish I could give my brain a massage. lol.... I can't even describe how tired I feel. I could be sleeping right now if it weren't for the power tool going on in the kitchen at the moment, thanks to the master of this domain. We have a garage, you 'd think he use it. Nope, that's is waaaaaay to easy.

Speaking of easy, I cooked a simple meal tonight and I didn't burn the place nor myself in the process. I have a reputation of being clumsy when it comes to cooking specifically when using the oven. I can't tell you how many times I have burnt myself with the broiler. At some point they were planning on getting me a fire retardant suit so I could use it when I cooked. So far no suit and I have been really careful not to get hurt again. Wish life was less treacherous though.

Nothing prepares us for lifes curve balls! You think you want something until you get it then it is a let down then you are given something that you didn't even expect and now the issue is how to keep it, care for it, blossom with it, not take it for granted nor allow yourself to be taken for granted. In theory all is resolvable yet in RL it sure doesn't fall into place so neatly as it did in our minds. How come we have the answers to help others out with their issues but we fail to find the answers for our own life? Do we think we deserve less or do we think it's best to leave things alone, not stir the waters for fear of what be stirred up??? We are our worst enemies...we can tear ourselves down for choices we made but we can't expeditiously take those choices, learn from them and plan for the future...moving further away from all that we dislike and closer to what we know will soothe our souls...something to look forward has to want it to see it but how can anything be done if one is so tired and beaten down by the darn curve balls...can't say I have the answers to it all...however, I know that we are stronger maybe not as brave but stronger than we think we are!!!! I'm just rambling on at this point...digressing and longing for several things specially sleep.

Have a crazy day tomorrow, pulling up the kitchen linoleum and painting the last 2 walls in the kitchen. Stopping by the school dropping off some papers and returning the floor samples, mowing the back yard and going by the fabric store to buy material to reupholster a few chairs. The new smoke alarms are in and they came along with a voice alert...I was sort of hoping the alerts would say something like "hall ass, there's a fire!" but's something less exciting, can't complain though the regular alarm is loud enough to wake up even the little critters that reside outside, man those alarms are annoyingly loud. Okay, I'm done for now.

Catch you on the flip side...buenas noches.


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