August 02, 2006

That was my day

Why am I having such a hard time writing? Have a wide range of emotions flowing right now and all I want to do is make it stop. Received sad news this morning, which was compounded by anger placed there by someone who did something terribly stupid and potentially damaging and by night fall all that was replaced with deep caring and warmth from someone special. I don't want to give details because at any given time this can be read by those people I am writing about and out of respect for their privacy, I'll leave out as much as I possibly can about them and their lives and their relationship (if any) to me.

I am planning to take a short trip soon. I am not sure where to yet but I know I need to get away and clear my mind. I took some time out yesterday and took my girls to the beach and it was great minus the fact that I couldn't close my eyes and rest, needed to keep a constant eye on the girls. The ocean was perfect. When we arrived there weren't many people there yet they were pouring in by the time we left. I have yet to vacuum the sand off the car. This morning I mowed the front lawn and added sod to the bare spots on the lawn and by then the sun was already pounding the pavement. Not sure the two plants I transplanted are going to make it. They are in severe shock and I am giving them about two weeks to see if they are doing any better if not, it's off to the nursery again. For the most part that was my day.

Going to bed.

Take care,


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