October 17, 2006

300th and the library!

Go me! This post makes my 300th blog entry!!! OMG...already, well it should have happened sooner. It slowed down due to pc issues. I currently have 11 entries saved as drafts, mainly links I plan to add in the future. There's also one or two articles I opted not to publish, they lacked a point, humor or any interest other than me venting...

Let's switch to what happened today. I went to the library for some piece and quiet and left with something unexpected. All was good until a cell phone started to ring. My first thought was "didn't you read the HUGE sign on the front doors that clearly stated in perfect english, turn off your cell phone before entering or use it only in the lobby." Then I thought this person might have forgotten to turn it off, after all, it happens. It was not an accident. She talked and talked, hung up, it rang again and she talked again. By then there was this cute little toddler, who had been running around earlier calling out for her mom. She was broadcasting very loudly to her mom that she had to use the potty. Okay, now the place went from many occupied seats to just 3 or 4. The place cleared out in a hurry. I should have left too yet I hoped it would all quiet down but it didn't. I tried to remain focused on what I was reading only to re-read the same lines over and over. I gave up. By the time I picked up my books and left it was too late. I left with something I never knew I could get in the library, a headache!

Not going to ask why the librarians didn't address either situations nor am I going to explain why I didn't get up and say something. The fact is, I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone. You've had those days so I am sure you know what I am referring to. . I wonder, could it be that the definition of quiet has been changed and someone has failed to forward me that email?

It's very simple: Library = Quiet


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