October 16, 2006

Great signal!

I now have a strong internet signal! I'd log in to the net and shortly after that "page not found" is all that would appear. I would run upstairs to the other pc and the same thing. We called it in and the technician arrived Sunday. It took him only a few minutes to find the problem and fix it. Apparently the original cable/internet splitter was an old one that they don't even use anymore. He replaced that one and replaced a satellite dish signal splitter with the correct one. These splitters are original to the house. I am glad it was a minor issue and all the tv have awesome signals now, channels that were grainy are no longer, it feels like we purchased new tv's. :-) There I am, endlessly flipping channels and saying "Man, that looks great!" So far the internet signal has not dropped. I guess things do get fixed the first time out!


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