December 17, 2007

Updated Blogs

As you know, ever so often I update the list of blogs I frequently read. The newly added blog is one that I have been visiting since it's inception. Without further delay, I am happy to announce the addition of Memories of Life On The Road, Interjected With Thoughts Of Today. It's truly a treasure. Not all blogs reach people on a personal level yet this one manages to do so. I can't say how many times I have read an entry and felt as if I was experiencing exactly what was being written. I've also laughed so hard it hurt. As I mentioned, it's a treasure.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Claire de' said...

Damnit Abby!!! Since you have put the link on your site with the "newly added" phrase.. I have gained poundage! Now I know why lol.
Newly added to my arse. THANKS.
You know what they say.. the pen is mightier than the chocolate.. or something like that. ahem. anyway. Thanks for mentioning my gibberish, I'm glad I made you smile a few times.
Have a great day.. I have to do some crunches. .. like. 50,000 of them. ~~~~~~~~ Claire de'

N. said...

OMG, oh no not your arse!!! Claire de' how are those crunches coming along? If I keep lmao like this pretty soon I'll have none left then I'll start slipping off the chair and who is going to pick me up then???
No need to thank me, I should have done it sooner, you are too patient with me my dear.
Wishing you a great day to you too. :-)

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