August 28, 2008

It's About Time

Well you may or may not know that I love sports, not all sports of course. Specifically, I enjoy playing volleyball. I used to spend hours playing either at the beach or at the vcourt. Recently while organizing the garage, sorting stuff, I ended up with five basketballs, a bunch of tennis and golf balls and Zero volleyball. Hmmmmm, I pondered. Wondering what happened to it then I recalled how it had been used as a soccer ball by my older children years ago. Of course, after that it really did not serve much as a volleyball. Since I am adding more physical activities to my life, I figured, perfect time to get a new volleyball. So it happens that before I could even get my hands on one, I ended up with Tennis elbow (which had nothing to do with tennis) when I was picking up a box, I must not have picked it up correctly (no duh) and could not use my arm for a long time. It hurt like you know what. I figured, no big deal let it heal then I will get back to my physical activities. Well nooooooooo, then my left arm suffered the same scenario, this time is happened doing something else. Seems like one thing after the other is delaying my ability to get my hands on that ball, so I wait letting the healing process take it's course. It has healed somewhat, when I do feel the pain I take it as a reminder that I have things left to do and am anxious to get it all done. Getting back to playing volleyball is not just an outlet for burning cal's, it is a great stress reliever for me, I smile when I play. I guess I am just happy to be able to hit the ball and make it go where I want it to go. At a time when things are taking us in directions we may not want to go, at least there is some things we have control of in life, including putting that ball precisely where we want it to go. It's just that simple.


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