September 02, 2008

5 Minute Break

This happens ever so often. There I am taking care of things, just going about my business, you know, dealing with some hiccups that RL tend to throw in my direction. Energy somewhat drained, the good news is that its the end of the day, looking forward to a good nights sleep. Not so. It feels as if someone got ahold of my remote, pressed rewind of my day so I could relive it again, this time in my dreams.

I woke up laughing, tired but amused. I just found it funny that all I wanted was a teeny tiny little bitty break and didn't get it. So if you see me on the floor causing a commotion, I'm wrestling with someone, fighting to get the remote so I can get at least a 5 minute break. By the way remind me to lock it up or at least hide the batteries.


What I Listen to When Writing:

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