September 05, 2008

Can Live Without It

Despite remedies and staying away from the person who has the flu around here, I caught the darn thing. However that will not change my plans. Going for my walk (after resting for a bit) then will be hanging out at the usual place, the usual time and have the usual beverage, ahem.....did I mention it was Friday? Tomorrow, that's another story. The plan is to hit the beach however, running fever and laying out in the sun doesn't sound appealing to me unless I am not feeling any pain, if you catch my drift. Have zero energy at the moment yet will lift myself up by the boot straps (wearing sandals at the moment) because there are more important things in life than letting a measly silly flu grab me and keep me down. Hmmmmm, no, no, no, I will stay on topic. I can't not remember where I was headed with this......
Oh okay, slap me if I sound like I am complaining, there are somethings we I live with and without, the flu is definitely one I can live without!!!!!


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