July 27, 2006

Forever more flowing

As I began writing, I started off by whining about something stupid. I erased it then began writing about other things that really didn't and still don't seem important in the great big scheme of things. So much to be grateful for (ty C.) and so much I wish I could fix not just for me but for those who I have learned to appreciate no matter how close or far they are at the moment.

It is so hard to pull yourself out of those raging waters which sweep you in directions you did not intend to feel you should stop swimming, just give up, no more energy left to swim but the truth is that whether or not we swim the water may still come and learning how to ride those waves is the key. They'll be days we ride them with ease and other days it seems we are swimming upstream...oh wouldn't it be great to just get out of the water and watch it flow without us in it... On a lighter note, let's shut it off is what I say, if we can find the valve...elusive as always. Do you think they sell the darn shut off valve on Ebay!

Today was a hard long day and I should be sleeping. I am doing okay at least better than yesterday. I was having a hard time breathing and thought I had to go to the hospital but thankfully it cleared up.

Have to rest, catch you soon.


What I Listen to When Writing:

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